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Why I started Doctrin….

Two years ago I quit my job. After working at McKinsey and various healthcare companies I got frustrated facing the same problems over and over again. I started researching – reading 13h per day, for six weeks to understand which technology would have the biggest impact on healthcare. That’s when I started Doctrin – to radically improve healthcare.

Healthcare is undergoing the biggest transformation since the birth of modern medicine. Digitalisation will change everything from the way we communicate, to how we gather information and treat patients to the fundamental structures of the healthcare system.

Thanks to medical progress, patients who previously would have passed away from their disease now survive, but with lifelong need for medical care. In addition to an increase of people living with chronic diseases, we have an aging population, which adds to the need for healthcare suited for the new demography. At the same time healthcare personnel testify to demanding working conditions where they struggle to provide the level of care they would like to deliver.

We empower doctors and nurses to give patients the right care at the right time. We have gone from 50 000 patients to 700 000 with one client. Waiting times has been reduced from an average of 3 days to 10 minutes, patient satisfaction has increased to 98% and productivity has doubled.

Since 2016 we have gone from three employees to approximately 60, with more than 10 doctors working together with developers, designers and data scientists focusing on the same mission. To radically change and improve healthcare.

At Doctrin we don’t believe in digital healthcare providers existing as satellites parallel to the traditional healthcare system. To fulfil the potential of digitalisation we want to help existing healthcare providers to intelligently digitalise the patient journey – from the gathering of medical history to consultations and follow ups.

But our mission goes beyond the boarders of Sweden. Almost 4 billion people globally still don’t have access to basic healthcare. 4 out of 10 children worldwide die from pneumonia, completely in vain. A year into our journey we realised that we had accidentally solved a much bigger problem than what we originally entailed to do. The digital layer used by Swedish health care providers, could be used on top of a country that doesn’t have any healthcare, enabling healthcare delivery, even in low resource settings. Therefore, our goal is to help a billion people by 2023.

Radically improving healthcare isn’t easy, it’s hard. But as John F. Kennedy used to say we are not doing it because it’s easy – we are doing it because it’s hard!

While the challenges ahead seem humbling, I feel confident that we are building a company built on a foundation of strong values, a culture that fosters diversity, innovation and trust. Taking on the task of improving healthcare we need different perspectives. We need people who trust each other enough to challenge one another, who aren’t afraid of exploring the unknown but at the same time understand that what we do affect real people who have real needs.

We are looking for people who want to be part of creating the future of healthcare. I hope you are one of them!


Magnus Liungman, CEO and founder of Doctrin


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