About Doctrin

Our goal is to improve healthcare
for one billion people


Doctrin has a clear purpose – to radically improve healthcare! We strive to improve medical quality and the patient experience while making sure healthcare resources are used more efficiently. We can achieve this be helping providers to digitize the patient journey with the right tools, processes and training.

We have ambitious goals – our long-term ambition is to improve healthcare for one billion people.


Our values

Doctrin is a values-driven company. Our values guide us in every day work and important decisions.


Be passionate

We’re here to radically improve healthcare. Our passion for our purpose gives us energy to drive real change and stamina when the going gets tough. We only hire people who share our passion and we strive to inspire others by showing our passion and drive.


Aim High

To radically improve healthcare, we need to think big. We go for the giant leaps and break ground by doing things no one has done before. We always optimize for scalable and global solutions. We go the extra mile when it is required.


Work smart

To reach our goals, we need to constantly challenge ourselves to find the most effective path. We understand that most results are determined by a small number of causes. We act fast and learn along the way. We ask for quick feedback frequently and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn.


Be you

People perform at their best when they feel like they can bring their whole selves to work. We appreciate diversity – it makes us stronger, smarter and better together. We create an open and caring atmosphere by being authentic and compassionate. We always talk to each other and never about each other.



To radically improve health care, we have to use our different strengths and work smart together. We throw politics and prestige out of the window and always put our mission first. We proactively help each other without being asked. We think and act beyond roles and responsibilities - we are bigger than that.


Have fun

Radically improving healthcare is hard. Really hard. But even though our mission is real, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We appreciate craziness, self-distance and a good laugh. We like what we do, we like each other and we energize the journey by having fun along the way.

Mattias Bernow, M.D.

Head of Implementation

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Nathan Dygant

Software Engineer


Per Eriksson

Acting CEO & Chief Commercial Officer

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Peter Bergström

UX Designer


Peter Trana

Software Engineer


Rickard Rosenberg

Software Engineering Manager

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Sofia Ljungmark

Chief Product Officer

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Sonja Petrović Lundberg

Chief Technology Officer


Tor Moström

Software Engineering Manager


Unn Hellberg

Project Manager

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