Doctrin’s partner Capio winner of Sweden’s most prestigious healthcare award Guldskalpellen

Sweden’s largest healthcare provider Capio has been awarded Innovator Of The Year and winner of Guldskalpellen, Sweden’s most prestigious healthcare award, for their digital transformation of primary care centres creating a “digiphysical healthcare putting the patient at the centre”.

Gulskalpellen or The Golden Scalpel is an award for innovators in healthcare, established by Swedish newspaper Dagens Medicin in 2006. It is one of the most prestigious awards in healthcare focusing on innovations that improve healthcare quality. This year private healthcare provider Capio has been awarded Innovator Of The Year 2018 thanks to their patient centric “digiphysical” healthcare enabled by Doctrin’s digital platform.

The motivation of the jury reads “With a complete solution the innovator of the year has digitalised the entire health care chain, in addition to creating well prepared physical meetings putting the patient’s need at the centre. With a digital anamnesis tool in addition to a serious and humble approach Capio Go has paved the way for an efficient healthcare system where the education of the healthcare personnel and the feedback of the patients is used for process development”.

In addition to increased patient satisfaction and improved productivity being able to offer both a physical and a digital working environment has proven to be a competitive advantage when recruiting healthcare personnel.

We have noticed that when we are recruiting doctors to Capio the fact that we also are able to offer them hours working in Capio Go [Capio’s online platform for digital consultations] it’s been a competitive advantage. You get a varied working environment and you are able to work from home certain days a week”, says Towa Jexmark, CEO at Capio Go

Doctrin and Capio have been working together since 2016. Doctrin’s digital platform is used locally at Capio’s primary care centres as a decision support system for triage as well as a central virtual care centre. During 2018 all of Capio’s 90 primary care centres will be digitalised, which means 800 000 patients will have access to Doctrin’s digital platform. We are very proud to be Capio’s partner digitalising the patient pathway resulting in improved medical quality, increase patient satisfaction and better use of resources.

Capio is one of Europe’s leading healthcare providers. It is Sweden’s largest primary healthcare provider with 90 primary care centres and 800 000 listed patients. In addition to primary care, Capio has hospitals and specialist clinics in Norway, France and Germany.

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