Better medical

  • More relevant medical data is collected
  • More patients get the right level of care
  • Better follow-up and feedback

Better use of resources

  • Save time in preparing the medical history
  • More patient directed to self care
  • Shorter digital visits replace face-to-face visits
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More satisfied and engaged patients

  • Better access to care
  • More engaged patients
  • Patients feel more recognized
  • Better prepared healthcare professional


Digital solutions can significantly improve healthcare, but only if done the right way.
We have a couple of principle when developing our solutions.


Holistic approach

Many other digital solutions focus on specific patient groups and care chains. Our solutions are aimed at entire health care systems where all patients, all symptoms and all steps of the patient journey are included.


Most efficient care level

All steps of the patient journey should be carried out at the most efficient level. Some steps can be fully automated, when the medical quality and the patient experience is maintained or improved. It also means that a physical visits many times is the most effective level.


Triage support

Digital tools can improve access to care. At the same time, it requires even more focus on making sure healthcare resources are used wisely. Hence, we believe efficient decision support for triage is more important than ever.


Integration with other systems

Our goal is to integrate our solutions with all other systems that make things easier for patients and healthcare professionals. This includes EMR and telephone systems.

How our solutions work

Our tools help healthcare providers to prioritize, treat and follow-up with patients - safe, secure and online. Our solutions are "white label" meaning the patient is always met by the healthcare provider's name and brand. Our tools are CE certified.


One common digital entry point

With our solutions, the patient journey can always start digitally. The healthcare provider can offer one common entry point for all patients and all symptoms, regardless if the consultation is digital or physical. The only patient requirement is a web browser and secure identification (BankID).


Patients creates their own medical history

With our medical history tool, the patient can create her own complete medical history in a stress free environment. Our tool contains more than 100 000 questions and 70 entry points. The questions asked are based on the individual situation of the patient as well as previous answers.


Better prioritization of patient needs

When using the patient generated medical history, health care professionals have more complete information to understand the needs of their patients. It makes it easier to decide on the appropriate care and urgency level.


Digital consultation when possible

When appropriate, the healthcare professional can offer self care advice or carry out a digital consultation in our platform. The communication is primarily chat based, which creates flexibility for the patient and makes it possible for the provider to significantly increase efficiency.


Physical consultation when required

When required, the patient is scheduled for a face-to-face consultation at a health care center. The medical history and all other information follows the patient, which creates a good patient experience and helps the healthcare provider avoid duplication.


Document with ease

Our solutions have several convenient features to help professionals document, both patient information (e.g., self care advice) and medical record keeping (e.g., structure and transfer information to the EMR system).


Patient feedback

Our tools collect and compile feedback from patients. We collect both medical outcome and patient experience measures, which help providers to improve their operations.


System integrations

To create a smooth and seamless process for both patients and professionals, we set up integrations with other relevant systems such as phone and EMR applications.


Patient satisfaction with digital consultations
Patients starting their journey online
Minutes saved in medical history taking
Patients with a fully digital journey