Sweden’s largest private healthcare group has chosen Doctrin as digitalisation partner

Praktikertjänst, Sweden’s largest healthcare group, has chosen Doctrin as their strategic partner for digitalisation of their approx. 80 primary care centres. Through Praktikertjänst and Capio as customers this means 20 percent of the Swedish population will have access to Doctrin’s digital solutions.

The collaboration between Praktikertjänst and Doctrin enables digital consultations combining digital and physical healthcare. Praktikertjänst has primary care centres in 14 out of Sweden’s 21 counties. The long-term objective for Praktikertjänst is to offer all of their 760 000 patients access to digital consultations.

“The fact that you can find Praktikertjänst in basically every part of the country means that we’ll be able to work locally with the primary care centres which is a fantastic opportunity to use the advantages of digitalisation, especially for those living in rural areas who don’t have access to healthcare in their proximity”, says Magnus Ljungman CEO and founder of Doctrin

Patients fill in a digital questionnaire which gathers symptoms and the medical history of the patient in a standardised and secure way. If needed the patient can add photos as well. The doctor then has to opportunity to talk to the patient via chat or video. Cases where treatment online isn’t suitable a physical visit is scheduled via the digital platform.

 “That we’ll be able to reach almost 1.7 million patients through Praktikertjänst and Capio is an incredibly important step towards radically improving healthcare, which is the reason why we founded Doctrin”, says Magnus Ljungman CEO and founder Doctrin

Doctrin, based in Stockholm, Sweden, was founded in 2016 with the purpose of radically improving healthcare through intelligent digitalisation.


For more information please contact Helene Vinberg, Head of Communications, helene@doctrin.se 



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